UNIT 2 Assessment

Symposium video

• Present a resolved body of original creative practice that has evidenced the systematic enhancement of your knowledge and understanding
My practice has evolved dramatically. I have been learning by doing, but mainly learning by making loads of mistakes.

How to make friends.
In “How to make friends”. I started experimenting with drawing. I have been looking for different ways to change the meanings of the original etchings visually.

How to make friends. Text and pictures.

The Gift of the Gab
This project was very challenging. On one hand, I had to learn Arduino






I made a first version for the show at Camberwell

And a second enhanced version for the Barbican Centre

The Gift of The Gab. Text and pictures.

What goes around comes around
Firsts ideas:

Ideation process and first tests.

Tests with jelly and the Touchboard.

More tests with jelly and latex

What goes around comes around. Text and Pictures.

The Sleep of Reason Still Produces Monsters.

First tests and storyboard.

First test at VJ London

Second Storyboard

First footage

Second Footage

The sleep of reason still produces monsters. Text and pictures

Now that nobody sees us


Now that Nobody sees us. Final Text and images

• Analyse and critically reflect coherently upon your own practice and its context

My practice has been highly influenced by Goya. I have studied him in detail and especially Los Caprichos.




To have a better understanding of the work, during my time writing for the research paper I went to Academia de Artes de San Fernando, in Madrid, where he was the President at the beginning of the 19th century, to talk to a specialist of with work.

I have also studied the work of Jake and Dinos Chapman.


Context for Scanfaces:

I found very interesting Keith Haring’s reflections in his journal

How to write about contemporary art

“All that is solid melts into air” was a suggested reading during my assessment. Although it was a dense book to read, it has been an influential book for me.

Jean Baudrillard’s work has been one of the most influential in my practice.

Also, Georges Bataille “Literature and Evil”, “The accursed share”.
“Seduction” of Jean Baudrillard, Walter Benjamin’s Reflections, by Peter Demetz,
“How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie.
On playfulness, “This cat came as a tomato” from South London Gallery,
The Psychology of Play of Susanna Millar, and much more.

• Summarise and evaluate your overall progress and formulate a constructive plan for Continuing Personal and Professional Development

My intellectual approach and my work have diverted dramatically during the progress of this MA. Due to my background in advertising, my creative process used several techniques to come up with messages that are understood. My ideas and outcomes aimed to communicate something to a specific audience. During this MA, I have learnt to open possibilities, to create situations, to suggest ideas, more than directly explaining them, without leaving any room for interpretation. I have worked on improving my approach to my artistic research and the way my artworks are shaped and presented.

When i started I was mainly working web based projects and tactical media strategies. During this time at Camberwell, I have learnt how to code with arduino, I have worked on a VR project that has evolved over months of different tests, I have experimented with 3D scanners with results that were not satisfactory, but discovering other techniques, I was not aware of.

But the most challenging aspect of my practice in the MA has been working with materials. I have been experimenting engraving into meat with the laser cut, I have also worked with wood and built stairs to present “the gift of the gab”, I have also worked with glowing in the dark ink shot with a paintball marker. Learning how to use the marker to draw and working with the glowing ink has been challenging, but rewarding.

I have worked with a wide variety of techniques, but the most important and visible evolution of my work has been to develop a theoretical aspect. I have been reading a lot about modernism, the concept of playfulness and philosophical essays about the concepts of Good and Evil. I have developed a wider understanding of my practice through theory and other artists that work on similar subjects.
In the future, I will keep up using this process for my practice, as I feel it has enriched me not only in my outcomes but as an art practitioner. More than mastering one technique, this MA has given me the chance to experiment, and this is one of the things I enjoyed more doing. It has been painful and frustrating sometimes because it has taken me some time to make each piece of work, but the gratitude at the end of the process is very rewarding. Also, finding authors and artists that worked with ideas similar to mine has been a great impulse to my practice, and I will keep on researching and discovering new points of view that will widen my narratives and discourse.

Overall, I am very satisfied with my work and my time at this MA. I will go on working on my practice and create “potential storms of meanings”.

I want to thank greatly to Jonathan and Ed, whose advice and support has been enlightening. You have changed my way to look and the way I express myself through my practice. Thanks.