5 – Now that nobody sees us

Now that nobody sees us


80 framed digital prints.

270 cm x 108 cm

1 paintball gun. 500 Glowing in the dark paint balls.  

video 5’12”

online video 3’32”

Now that nobody sees us foto post shooting

“Now that nobody sees us” happens when there is no one to see it. The artist hangs on the wall 80 etchings of Los Caprichos of Goya, distributed in a rational grid. When finished, the light turns off and the artist, armed with a paintball gun, enters the room of the gallery. He shoots at the pictures with glowing in the dark paint balls. On the CCTV, the audience can view the cathartic moment when the artist enjoys destroying the masterpieces that inspired him for the last 4 years.

Everything happens. Just when nobody sees us.