Born in the beautiful Barcelona, in 1983, I’ve been working as a creative in some digital agencies.

As an artist, my focus pays special attention to the viewer, and its relationship with the digital environment. I’m interested in Pop culture, Prototyping and Storytelling. Although my past projects where mainly website based, my outputs may vary depending on the idea. My current project is based on “Los Caprichos” of Goya, where I’m developing a new body of work around the concept of “Nasty Interactions” 

My work has been exhibited in Barcelona, Madrid, London and across the Internet. Currently, I’m a member of Fish Island Labs, a unique new centre mentored by the Barbican Centre and the Trampery to kickstart the careers of a new generation of emerging talent whose work spans technology and the arts.

My last group show is called Interfaces: processing reality through art and technology, at the Barbican Centre.

More info at

Scanface Xavi Sole

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