Like a dog returns to its vomit.

For the next project, I’m working on the “diverted” version of Los Caprichos. As I have previously mentioned, Jake and Dinos Chapman have reviewed Goya’s work at “Like a dog returns to its vomit”.

For my piece, I’m referencing the Chapman’s work by using their colour palette.

colour palette

Currently, I’m doing something really difficult, which is isolating the characters of the etchings from the background and other elements of the picture. It is difficult because Goya was shaping its scenes with the darkness as another character. In this etchings, the master wanted to create a journey from the dark pleasures to the enlightenment, and I am putting them in a scene where there’s no darkness whatsoever.


I have created no-land landscapes for the isolated characters. These are the results of the first tests:


And then, some doodles to create my world around Goya’s work.




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