Scanface: between stupidity and a nightmare

Scanfaces: funny, stupid, beautiful, but very disturbing at the same time. It is almost like a nightmare that makes you laugh.

scanface 0 scanface 1scanface 26   scanface 11scanface 24scanface 22scanface 14

Before, during and after. Thanks to all the people who are part of Scanfaces:


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Scanface in the Press:


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scanface 12   scanface 15 scanface 16 scanface 17 scanface 18     scanface 23 scanface 34 scanface 25  scanface 27 scanface 28 scanface 29 scanface 30 scanface 31 scanface 32 scanface 33  scanface 35  scanface 37 scanface 38 scanface 39

View all the gallery at



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