Test with Jelly and the Touchboard.

Following my previous ideas, like the Goblins, and the spanked Kermit, I’m doing some tests with Jelly as the main material for my next show.

I have bought a mould of a gnome, THIS GNOME:gnome

While waiting to receive it by post, I’m testing the conductivity of the jelly with the touchboard. This is the result:

The jelly has 3 more times powder than usual, and after a day, it is resisting the temperature and few spanks.

There are few things that I like after testing this material:

1 – After slapping the jelly, the fingers have some sweet taste, and it is irresistible to lick them. Some sweet pleasure of violence.

2 – There is the possibility of breaking the jelly, and if it happens, it links with the meanings of the original etching of Goya.


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