Repartiendo hostias.


There are interesting meaning differences between spanish and english when talking about the concept of HOSTIA (wafer).


(Del lat. hostĭa).

  1. f. Hoja redonda y delgada de pan ácimo, que se consagra en la misa y con la que se comulga.
  2. f. Cosa que se ofrece en sacrificio.
  3. f. vulg. malson. Golpe, trastazo, bofetada.


– translation –

Hostia – wafer

(from latin hostĭa)

1. Round thin disk of unleavened bread, used in the Eucharist to commune.

2. Thing offered as a sacrifice.

3. Slang. Hit, punch, slap.


Few time ago I bought some hostias online. I find interesting that the concept of a sacrifice and a slap in your face can be held in the same word. I reminded me all the speeches of CEOs, bankers and politicians asking for a sacrifice for a greater good, the survival of the economic system.

Then, I started working on stamps to transform this sacrifice into money. I was looking for an special ink to complete its meaning. I boiled wine and then I achieved to have an essence which worked perfectly, not only aesthetically, but giving conceptual weight.

Body and blood. Sacrificing and slapping.








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