Phase 3: Step 1. Parrots in a Parliament

These are the tests I’ve been doing about the disposal of the Pez Dispensers in the Golden Cage.

The idea is to create an atmosphere of a Parliament without being too obvious. I’m using few objects like big paintings, columns or curtains, but the most important aspect is the disposal of the parrots: a semi-circular organisation at different levels.

ParlamentBuitEl Congreso de los Diputados (Spanish Parliament)


First draft of the parrots disposition.


Parrots in choir disposition.



Semicircular 2 levels. 



Greek Columns.



Greeks columns + semicircular wood

Although I’ve been interested in the semicircular wood pieces as a perfect and simple way to organise the parrots, I have fallen in love with the classic greek columns.

I thought I got it already, but now this better way to do it will make me work a little bit more, but the result will look stunning. I’m going to make a clay columns as a test, but if it looks like the image I’ve got in my mind, I will need to build a mold to replicate the columns in plaster.



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