Phase 1 Step 2: Designing the Pez dispenser birds

Now that I’ve set up the first draft of the installation, I’m being more specific about what I need for the project.

As I previously mentioned, there are different ways to reunite some Pez dispensers with the head of a bird. But this time, a random stroke of luck helped to find them more easier than expected.

Going to the root of the “problem”.

Few weeks ago I sent an email to the headquarters of PEZ, based in Austria. After explaining my project, they seemed curious about what I was doing. A couple of days later they accepted to give me some of their dispensers. They sent me their 2014 catalogue with the models available. Between the different shapes, there was one which matched perfectly with this idea: A Parrot. Remember Goya’s etching?


Pez had no problem to send me 30 Parrot dispensers. Thanks PEZ.

Parrot as a metaphor.

Parrots are symbolic of an individual who lacks a personality of his/her own, it simply means it is dependent on another for views, opinions and ideas. Parrots are known to be imitators and seeing parrots could mean you or someone is making fun of someone. They are a symbol of repetition, of empty words, of babbling.


The distritution of the parrots

I’m looking forward to talk about how politics work, but in a more sophisticated manner. A “Parliament distribution” will give clues to the viewer about who this parrots are.



IMG_1395IMG_1396  IMG_1401


The Golden Beak

At the etching of Goya “el pico de oro” a parrot talks to the engaged audience. The expression is literally translated “What a golden beak”, which equivalent in english is “he’s got the gift of the gab”.

The 30 parrots needed to have a golden beak.




Suits and ties.

I’m testing to paint them in black in order to “dress” them in a suit. Maybe, adding different ties of different colours to make a visual difference of the parties.

I have to admit that it doesn’t convince me. I’ll test other options.


















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