Diversion de pájaros (birds diversion).

I’ve been playing with the Arduino these days. I’ve done few starter projects and some tests.

Now I want to go straight to what I want to do: the Pez dispenser triggered by arduino. The idea has experimented few variations, but the mechanism is more or less the same.

I have taken away the altar bread from the scene. The concept of “sacrifice” that gives to the artwork complicates the meaning. But on the other hand, the effect that the dispenser does when opening and closing gained interest. They the look like talking.

#Pez #Arduino

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Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

In addition, I’ve been searching for alternatives to the faces of current politicians or influent business men. Instead of using Merkel & co I’ve benn looking for more universal imaginery. Taking Goya as a reference, he used animals as a metaphor (like many other artists).

I started thinking in birds: the imperial eagle, the king rooster and the pigeon, symbol of peace. And then, an etching of Goya came to my mind:

Pez Ostia


QUÉ PICO DE ORO! (He’s got the gift of gab!)

People talking. Aligned, in the shape of a forum, like the Parliament.

photo 2

Different birds tweeting. Sounds! noise! preeeeep!, preeeeeep! tweeek!! Tweeekk!! Kokorikokoooooooo!!! 

The PEZ Dispenser:

Now I have 2 dispensers: one is a rabbit and the other is a cat. But I need several Pez dispensers with the shape of a bird. Then, I have 2 options:

1 – Buy some at e-bay, but they are pretty ugly or expensive.

100_2850 100_2857 100_2882

Except for Tweety, these are the best ones I’ve found.

2 – 3D Print the PEZ Dispensers.

Maybe that complicates a little bit the idea, I don’t know. But I’m not convinced with the ready-made Pezs.

– I can try to find a 3D model of different birds and Print them.

– Or I can hire few masks and scan myself in the 3D body scanner at London College of fashion, like I did few time ago.

The guys from Hop Hop Factory did an interesting project with this approach:



Ok, I’ve got the shape. Now, the interaction.

What will the birds do? they will open their mouth, turn on a LED and trigger a sound.

Let’s  play with them. Make them say what you want. Let’s make them sing our song.

The interface: A piano. An organ of birds!

Depending on the key that he plays, one bird opens its mouth, lights up and sounds.

photo 3

The viewer is the player.

Which are the keys that the player trigger? A keyboard ? I don’t think I’m making a fine piano sound, it will the sounds of birds. An I don’t see the gadget as a part of the artwork.

But the conductive paint fits perfectly. I can paint the keys with any word, logo or drawing, and use it as keys.

It has taken a little time to have everything clear. But now I see the idea much richer.



  1. Set up  the circuit in Arduino with 1 Pez dispenser, 1 SERVO and 1 LED.
  2. Create the code.
  3. Set up the arduino with more than 1 Pez (+servo+LED).
  4. Write code.
  5. Test conductive ink.

PHASE 2: Design the PEZ Dispenser

PHASE 3: Design the piano. 




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