Creative Process – advertising briefings in art.

One of the problems that I’m currently facing, is the feeling that I don’t know how to end projects. I have started about 4 or 5 projects, but it is pretty difficult to stop in a certain moment to say: that’s it. That is how it is going to be.

A solution I have found is to use advertising tools in art.

The first tool I’m going to use is the Creative Briefing. It is a document written by planners which establishes the basis for the creative work. I will test if it is a useful way to concrete my work and go on with my practice.

Sections of the Briefing:

  • Background (where do we come from?)
  • Brand overview / tone of voice (how I’m going to talk)
  • Product (the artwork)
  • Problem to solve
  • Competitors (context – who is doing or has done similar projects or is working with the same concepts?)
  • Target (who I want to talk to?)
  • Social Insight (a recognisable, accepted and universal truth).
  • Strategic opportunity (where do I have to position my idea in order to gain visibility)
  • USP (why do you have to “buy” me?)
  • Reason Why (Emotional and rational benefits).
  • Media (which form will it
  • Goal (what’s the purpose of the artwork)
  • Deadline (when I want to have it finished?)
  • Budget (How much money do I need?)


The second tool I will use is the StatusPlanning is really important for the development of any task. Usually, creative teams do a status meeting at the beginning of every week to coordinate teams and for being up-to-date about all the stages of the projects.

From today on, I want to do every monday the status of my projects, as a tool to understand where I am and to reflect about the work that I have done during the week.


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