Tutorial with Jonathan Kearney

Date: 21st January.

In my face to face meeting with Jonathan, I started introducing a summary of the different subjects treated in Los Caprichos

After researching, I have been worried about what to do when there are great artists who have previously worked with Goya’s etchings. Which is my role? what am I supposed to do? It’s difficult for me to avoid the though that has been done before several times.

According to this, our conversation moved into what should be my relation with the etchings. Chapman’s strongest point in “Like a dog returns to its vomit” was that they  “revised and improved” the etchings on Goya’s originals. The concept of “raping” on an original was the strongest point of this work.

That made me feel better, because when you are working on a masterpiece like this, you start feeling very small in front all the talent shown in front of you.

So we agreed that my input needs to talk about the main subjects of Goya and bring it nowadays (which was my first idea).

I will go on using the main concepts of Los Caprichos and find my own connections. To create new relations between Goya’s ideas and mine. 

Another question that we talked about is if I may conceive my work as a big project or to work individually. Both agreed that working in each artwork separately is more affordable, rather that getting stucked thinking in a too ambitious project.

At the end of the master I will work in the connection between the different artworks. I will create an scenario to present the different projects coherently, and a as a whole.

A question of style:

Due to my experience in advertising, I have always been worried about connecting a brand with its target, using the brand’s tone of voice.

Now I’m looking for my own tone of voice. The best way to find it is to keep on working, and then, the style will show up naturally.

Finally, we discussed about my current project, Prophets in Slices (work in progress title). And how I’m linking it with the subject of superstition. Goya showed in different etchings the fears and false monsters created to dominate people’s minds. Currently, markets, institutions, companies and politicians use macroeconomy to scare population. I’m using a social insight based on Pareidolia and the perceptions of religious imagery in natural phenomena, but bringing it to stupidity and nonsense, like beliefs of Jesus Christ or Virgin Mary appearing in sandwiches.




So, the best way to move on is to keep on working.


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  1. Sounds like a plan. I will follow this with interest.

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