What to do when a masterpiece has been reviewed several times?

Synthesize the ideas shown in los Caprichos and bring them to nowadays, that’s the idea, but:

Chapman Brothers’ artwork: Like a Dog Returns to Its Vomit.


Review of the exhibition at The Guardian:

I have been thinking about how to face the project, as individual artworks or as a whole. An operetta written in few acts.

First, I though in my references, like Terry Gilliam’s cartoons for Monty Python. 



Which format may I use? I don’t want to be too ambitious, because I have to be able to do everything needed in the project. If I choose to do an interactive shortfilm, it needs a lot of sources and people to do it professionally. I’ve got to synthesize. Go back to the basics.  

After the tutorial with Jonathan, I decided to use the main concepts of Los Caprichos, performed in different artworks, and look for a final element that unites the work.

Meanwhile, I keep on working in the Prophets on slices series.



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