Capricho #2: Prophets in slices.

Merkel in Crustille Ham

Prophets in slices #1: Angela Merkel on Crustille Ham

Mario Draghi in Gammon Ham

Prophets in slices #2: Mario Draghi on Gammon Ham

Christine Lagarde ìn Mortadella

Prophets in slices #3: Christine Lagarde on Mortadella 

When I saw that some images were appearing in the cold cuts I bough in a charcuterie of Barcelona, I though: Jesus Christ!

Afterwards, I realized who were these faces: the real Gods. Prophets of the 21st century, whose words are sacred. The first image was Cristine Lagarde, President of the IMF,  she was investigating my slice of Mortadella Bologna. Then, Mario Draghi, President of the ECB, decided to rescue my piece of Gammon Ham, and last but not least, Angela Merkel, Germany’s Chancellor, who was cutting my baked Crustille Ham.

Their sudden intervention, more than blessing my delicious cold cuts, rotted it, making it uneatable.

I realized that more than getting rich by selling them on eBay, from now on I should thank the prophets of the 21st century  for having a meal, and get ready to eat rotten food.

Angela Merkel Rots

Merkel on Crustille Ham

merkel rots

 Mario Draghi Rots

Draghi on Gammon Ham


Christine Lagarde Rots

Lagarde on mortadella Lagarde-baix-2


Prophets in slices.

 Mixed media

       Laser cut graving on Crustille Ham

       Laser cut graving on Mortadella Bologna

       Laser cut graving on Gammon Ham.


3 Animated gifs.

1024 x 724 px


Xavi Solé – 2013


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