Ideas in the digital age: soon or later.

My friend Sara Mayoral was in the city for a few days. She went to the studio for a Scanface session, and also to chat about lots of things, including our current projects. I explained her my early steps of this project : Every match, a masterpiece.

It’s an idea that I presented 3 years ago, and it was hidden in my notebook until I published it in my blog Brainthundering, an open notebook of few cryogenated ideas.

The idea starts in Lionel Messi’s way of moving in the field during a match, specially when he was younger. Messi performed in a random but highly controlled movement. An instinctive but savvy dribbling.

The track of his movement reminded me Pollock’s dripped paintings.


Sara realised that she knew one project that were the same idea. A campaign for Corona beer, the sponsor of the ATP series.

My first reaction was feeling angry and being stolen. A cruel advertising agency that saw my blog and just toke it. But after watching the whole picture, something else came to my mind. There are ideas that are in the air. It is a question of time. There are insights that they will be a reality soon or later.


tennis track

Maybe for the different capabilities that new technology offers, the are concepts that are waiting to be done. Who gives quickly gives twice. Is the connected, ultrafast world a race of ideas? Where does this way go to?

Anyway, studio Espada y Santa Cruz did a superprofessional job, with a well produced, interactive and interesting site. Congratulations.


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