Discovering techniques and other projects

This week I have been researching more about the context and new techniques for Scanface.

I was astonished by the work of Robert Creamer, a scan artist who enlarges small living objects like flowers or butterflies.  Despite his amazing technique, I see differences between his practice and my goals.


On the other hand, I remembered another project from Multitouch Barcelona, in their series of Human Interfaces, called “Humanise your iPhone”. They explain the process here.

The technique used is the Slit-scan photography, also called strip Photography. One of the first films to use it was “2001 Space Odyssey”. I found that video where it is explained how this effect was done in the 60’s.

Since then, this technique has been developed for other devices. Currently, exists an app for iPhone, developed by FunnerLabs.

After all that research, it makes me think about where to go. I’m looking for a step further in my project. Although Slit scan and strip photography are not the same like Scanface, it makes me think about the goals, the visual results and what direction I may take. I stopped making scanfaces for few days because before going on with the project, I want to make a decision. I’m doing some tests in different directions.

This week I had a deep conversation with Joe Love, director of MA Printmaking, about my project, and a lot of questions have raised. Now I’m a little bit lost. Playing with faces have a lot of meanings, some of them are philosophical questions about identity, another are lighter like the absurd, humour and creating through boredom.

The only thing that is clear, is that I need to make the project evolve.


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