Scanface – My current project

I’ve been working in the Scanface for about a year. It started as a joke, but I after trying again and again, I found interesting how the portraits can be distorted without using photoshop. It has an analogue flavour that reminded me the effect on photographic paper, but in digital. Using a scanner, doing the scanface and waiting to see an image appear.

That was my first self-portrait. Everything began here.

Scanface Xavi

I was using an all-in-one printer, with the scanner on it. It was an Epson Stylus Color 400 that I owned for 5 or more years.  But after this first joke I went on making more and more portraits, like those:

Scanface Arnar

Scanface Edith Panga

Scanface Dani Requena

After few proofs, I started inviting people that I like what they do. Like Christian López, or the post-humor comedians VENGAMONJAS!

SCANFACE Christian López



After accepting my invitation, the possibility to scan the people I admire showed up. That would be my second step.


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